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Please join us at the dunes in Christmas Valley for some fun in the dunes.
Saturday is a party for Randy's 70th birthday.
Food will be provided Saturday afternoon but
bring a side dish or desert if you wish.
Camping is free if you have a few days off over the long weekend.
Deschutes County 4 Wheelers are meeting up with Four Runners of Klamath Falls.
Jason Real is leading a run along the river.
Meeting at Keno Tractors
15555 Highway 66
Keno, OR 97627
SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2022 AT 9:30 AM
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5:30 at Randy and Mona's house for info

Meet the club and enjoy a hamburger and hotdog meal.
This pot luck is at Randy and Mona's,
be advised their garage sale is the same day so bring change.
Bring a side dish or a desert if you wish.