Here is what you are missing!

We have members from all ages and walks of life.

Three meetings and three runs and you are elgible to become a club member.

We are a club within the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association.

We welcome families as well as single wheelers, high school students to seniors!

Our club has functions year round.

We have meetings once a month and generally have one or two runs per month. 

We have overnight runs about four to six times a year. 

Our runs range from easy trail runs to moderate to down right challenging. 

We enjoy trail runs, rock crawls, sand dunes, mud runs and snow runs.


region 6 ocean beach and dunes 

region 6 







 oldies but none the less goodies!


one for the money twothree oopsoops


2014 Pre Tree Run and clearing trail. 

Trail Clearing water where did you come from? pre tree run

Christmas Tree Run 2013

tree run tree runyj vistajj vista


and the illusive Charlie Brown Tree on board!!! 




Edison's September Run to Stock the Snow Sheds

trail run


Stopped along the trail at Edison to check it out. 

trail 34

Groundhog Rock Crawl the annual event 



Groundhog Rock Crawl the last Saturday of June
Located in East Fort Rock OHV area
Built by Pacific Northwest 4 Wheelers and friends
Make your plans to see us there!

2019 groundhog


rock crawl

Christmas Valley Sand Dunes
Memorial Day Bureau of Land Management
Work Party and Fun Run



Rick and Cristi


Sand Dunes


Happy Thanksgiving!!!




ice cyclesnowtreesSnow Runssnow