Members & Friends
Phil and Janet White
Product ImageCharter members of dc4w
Dave and Dana Green and Hanna
Product Image2017-2018 President
Peter Winberg
Product Image
Bruce Nash
Product Image
Jeff Johnson
Product Image
Brian and Sherry Wingerd
Product Image
Randy and Mona Drake
Product Image
Steve and Genny Schroll
Product Image
Jeremy and Kindy and Jake and Kourtney
Product Image
Dan and Ann Haak
Product ImageAnn is Region 6 PNW Region Director
Dan is a part of Steens Mt Resource Advisory
PJ and Karol McGuire
Product Image
Slim Stout
Product Image
Greg Hart
Product ImageGreat help building Rim Butte Jeep Trails

Difficult to extreme
Mike and Kristin Lane
Product Image
Ron and Carol Houser
Product ImageProspects and former members great friends.
Tony Marinaro
Product Image
Jeff Wilmot
Product ImageJeff Wilmot
Eric Johnson
Product Image
Venus VanZyl
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John Zigler
Product ImagePast President of DC4W and owner operator of the Big Green Machine!

John Zigler Auto Repair 541-536-1646

John has his shop in La Pine and does off road builds / repairs and innovations.

Thank you John for all of your efforts to keep trails open.

Santiam 'Quack Attack' would be not without you and your resources.
Tom Wells
Product ImageTom Wells we miss you and your wiley ways bud.

Rest well.
Ward and Cherie Crane
Product ImageOur members will always hold with respect our memories of Ward.

Cherie we extend our deepest sympathies.
Rick and Kristi Connors
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Brandon Moore
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Coby and Kelli Randquist
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